Voices / Yanni. 2009

My late mother-in-law was a Yanni fan and my main exposure to his music was during visits to her home. But last month I tuned in to a PBS Great Performances broadcast of Yanni's latest project, an album and tour showcasing 4 young singers. I enjoyed it enough to check the CD out from the library and I've been listening to it almost continuously for the last several days. I now know what I want for Mother's Day.

Honestly, I'm no music critic and I tend to listen to pop standards of the 70's or Smooth Jazz, depending on my mood. But this album is full of romantic songs, half of which are in Italian and Spanish. The orchestration is rich and the 4 singers have incredible voices. I'm obsessed. I'm even thinking of going to the concert when it comes to my town. Maybe. I hate crowds.

This is great stuff to have in the background while I'm reading a good romance. And check out that picture. Now that he's cut his hair and lost the mustache he looks like one sexy Greek millionaire. I've read about those guys, y'know....


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