Hmmm, It's been awhile...

Gee, has it really been nearly a month since I posted anything here? I guess so. I've certainly read a few books that have been worth writing about, but I just couldn't summon the energy to write about them. Probably because I was doing a fair bit of sewing between books. Since I'm working on a variety of projects nothing's finished yet. But here's a picture of a small top I finished the other night. This was from a kit I bought on a shop hop last summer and only took me a couple of hours to put together.

I also made a whole bunch of ornaments for various folks. Here are samples of the 3 different ones I made:

Next up, but not tonight, a brief review of some of the more interesting books I read during my Christmas vacation.


  1. The ornaments are gorgeous! Wondering if you have a whole tree decorated like this. I love quilts, but don't have a clue make them. The best I do is buy already made and make things out of them.

  2. Thank you! No, I don't have a tree full of them, but it's my goal to eventually have enough to fill a samll, 2-3 foot artificial tree. I have a nice stack of ornament patterns waiting to be made. The trick is to start in July so I'd have enough by December.

    I have a couple of the flat ones (one each red and green) left over. If you'd like I'll trade you for one of your books (although I do own The Preachers Daughter--which I loved, BTW).


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