2007 quilting retreat; JD Robb

Well, here's where I spent last weekend--my butt firmly attached to this chair and this year I actually got to use both of my machines! My roommates, B&L, spent more time off talking or eating, so they weren't at our table much; without them for a distraction, I was able to focus and get a fair bit done. On Friday I finished quilting the tree skirt Oma left unquilted, and I got the binding sewn to the front, too. That's ready for me to whip stitch in front of the TV one of these days.

On Saturday I did the wolf quilt seen here. I am so psyched about how it turned out. I'm going to take it to a framer tomorrow and hopefully it won't cost an arm and a leg to be framed. I just think it would look a little more sophisticated in a frame instead of bound and hung the normal way. I'll post a better picture once I get it in the frame.

On Sunday I finally started the 2 new purses I've wanted to make. I quilted the panel pieces and I can start assembling them whenever I feel like it. And I started the paper piecing project I've wanted to do for ages. I've got that sitting by my Pfaff here at home and even worked on it a little the other night.

On another topic, this week I started reading the J.D. Robb books. Man, what a commitment lies ahead: 28 or so books, right? But the library seems to have them all. I am enjoying them, but I am strongly reminded, after only 2 books, why I really do not like to read mysteries. I hate being introduced to a character who is about to knocked off, usually in some violent, painful manner. I have become overly sensitive, I think. But there's so much buzz about Eve & Roarke that I hated being left out of the loop even more. So I'll catch up and then wait impatiently like everyone else for each new installment to come out. Sigh. Truth is, after only 2 books, I am addicted, lots of death or not. Eve & Roarke are compelling characters and they are going to be worth spending time with.

Then, of course, I'm left with my daily dilemma: quilt or read, read or quilt? And tonight I have a book to edit. No more procrastinating.


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