Mini Nora glom

When I came back to romance reading a number of years ago, I stuck almost exlusively to historicals. So even though her books are everywhere, I never read a Nora Roberts book until Angels Fall last summer. And even though I really liked it, I had so many books in my TBR pile, I wasn't ready to start in on her backlist. But with the Lifetime movies this month I figured I'd at least read those 3 books prior to watching their adaptations. I finished Carolina Moon last night and I wasn't disappointed. I loved all 3 books. So here are some random thoughts based on my NR mini-glom:
  • Unlike some readers, I love all the head hopping and various POVs. I like her style that gives us a glimpse from the perspective of so many characters.
  • Blue Smoke was my favorite of the 3. Reena's family made that book for me. I have read too many books with characters coming from dysfunctional families. I loved seeing that you could have this strong heroine who certainly had experienced trauma come from a loving, healthy family. Because there are families like that out there.
  • I've been to Montana. I haven't spent any time on a ranch, but Nora's descriptions of the terrain and the sky, etc. were spot-on.
  • I will say I wasn't crazy about the ending of Carolina Moon. Spoilers ahead. I had kinda' figured that Hannibal wasn't the killer, but if there were clues about Dwight earlier in the book I totally missed them. So it came out of nowhere that he's the villain and here we are with 5 pages left in the book. Maybe it was me, but I'm just nit-picking. I still loved the book.
  • I like how different each book was from the other (and Angels Fall was different from them). No recycled plots here.


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