Wednesday, October 17, 2012

TBR Day. Extreme Exposure / Pamela Clare. 2005

I actually remember where and when I bought this book. I was in Pittsburgh with my sister in May 2009 attending Quilt Market, the quilting industry's trade show. There was a book store near our hotel and while I had, up to that point, read books 2 and 3 in Pamela Clare's I-Team series, I had never read the first one. So I snapped it up, intending to read it right away. OK, so that plan didn't work so well. But since this is PNR/RS month, it was clearly time to read Kara and Reece's story.

Kara McMillan works as an investigative reporter for a Denver newspaper. Clare writes what she knows here, as a former reporter herself. The inside look at journalism in this book, and the whole series, is interesting and Clare manages to incorporate the details without going overboard. Anyhow, as the book opens Kara meets State Senator Reece Sheridan at a bar that she goes to with a friend one evening after work. Despite the influence of too many margaritas, Kara makes quite an impression on Reece and he drops her off at home intending to see her again. Kara, who is also a single mom, isn't so sure she's ready to get involved with anyone.

The next day she gets a tip about a plant committing serious environmental violations. As she begins to investigate, it's clear she's stirring up a hornet's nest. Someone is intent on making sure Kara stops her investigation.

As Kara's investigation goes further, so does her relationship with Reece. I think there's a very nice balance here between the suspense and the romance. Because of Reece's role in the state senate, it turns out that he has ties to Kara's investigation. Ultimately, her life and Reece's are put in jeopardy the closer she gets to the truth.

As is typical with the books that follow, Clare put a ton of action into this book. I literally didn't want to put it down until I was finished. It was fun to meet the characters who show up here and there in the books that come after. Now I think I want to go back and re-read Hard Evidence and (my favorite) Unlawful Contact. I thoroughly enjoyed this and I'm so glad Clare is writing more in the series. The next one is due in May 2013.